Damian LazarusArguably my favorite deep house release to-date, Damian Lazarus churns out a track that’s truly unlike any other one that I’ve ever heard. Utilizing the unique and distinct sound of Pakistan’s renowned qawwali singers, Lazarus teams up with leaders of the sound: Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad, and Hamza Akram and the results are simply stunning. Starting off with qawwali vocals, the cosmic journey conjured by the dark wizard Lazarus takes off when the bassline starts sweeping itself in. The dark and exotic sound is complimented by a funky percussive barrage and eerie synth stabs. Lazarus has used this track as a secret weapon for peak-set hours under a multitude of settings. From underneath the stars and palm trees at the famed Get Lost Miami sessions, to afterhours club sets, this track fits every occasion and always gets a massive response.

“Lovers’ Eyes” gives a little glimpse at what the full-length LP, due out later this year, will be like. Lazarus has stated that “There is nothing that compares to DJing under the stars in the night air or being responsible for soundtracking the rising of the sun in the morning and I wanted to create an album that reflects these beautiful moments,” so expect more weirdness from the Crosstown mastermind in the coming months!

Purchase: Lovers’ Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya) – Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

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