The latest edition to RE:UP Wednesday’s featured: Robot Koch, Patrick Lee, and Marcelo Moxy. Marcelo (RE:UP resident DJ) laid down a smooth disco infused hip-hop sound that filled the venue area. By the time he was wrapping things up we were ready for Patrick Lee. Patrick Lee and his band surrounded the crowd with an energy that had the crowd whistling and yelling for more. Captivating live taiko drumming and soulful hip-hop sound was the perfect opening for Robot Koch. This was his first time performing in Denver and his set can be described as nothing short of incredible, far beyond what anyone had been expecting. Heavy futuristic bass had everyones knees bouncing, feet sliding, hips swinging, and hands clapping for his whole set.

10474438_244914699031943_7168597300111144680_nPhoto by: Eye and Eye Photography

As his two hour block came to a close, he left everyone wondering when will you coming back to Denver? As a whole Denver needs more Robot Koch in our lives! Make sure you’re here tomrrow for An-Ten-Nae, Atomic Reactor, Sodown! Also keep your eyes peeled for a special interview with Robot Koch coming down the pipes very soon here on The Dankles.


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