One thing we love about consistently bringing you new artists spotlight is that we can tap into talent from all realms of the music world. Today we have a new Q&A with Dab City, a bright young producer that is quickly making a new for himself. We won’t go into to many details just yet so we don’t ruin the surprises tucked in below! After already having a bustling spring time we can only wait to see where Dabcity takes the rest of 2014.

Lets get everyone on the same page here; who are you and where are you tuning in from today?

What up! My name is Michael Larson. I’m 23 years old and from Santa Cruz, CA

How has the summer been starting off for you?

It has been epic! I’ve been going to a lot music festivals and other events. I was blessed to play on the Void stage at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture. I also attended Lucidity Festival and headlined a show at The Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, CA on my 23rd birthday!! I grew up watching my favorite artists play at the Catalyst so it was definitely a blessing!

I know you recently took a trip out here to Colorado, how’d that go?
Wow..! I honestly fell in love with Colorado. I checked out Beta Nightclub and saw Kill the Noise on Funktions. The atmosphere at Beta was great!! I was lucky enough to see Bassnectar at Red Rocks as well, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Red Rocks is definitely my new favorite venue!! I had nothing but positive experiences with everyone while I visited Colorado. Stoked to say I’m currently in the process of relocating to Denver!!

You have been making music for a good while now, how did you first get into producing?
I have always had a love for music. I started DJing and eventually grew tired of playing other peoples productions. I would constantly find myself imagining music I could produce in my head. I wanted to get these ideas into a DAW so I started producing in September 2012. I took a class at Cabrillo College called “Music and Computers”. They covered the basics of Garage Band and Logic Pro 9. My mentor and good friend LabRat motivated me to produce as well.
With an alias like Dab City I must ask, how did that moniker wind up coming to be?

I <3 DABS. I kept saying, “dab city bitch” a couple years ago. I just got into DJing at the time and was trying to think of a name… My good friend and roommate Mickey was throwing out ideas. We were about to dab and I said the notorious expression “Dab City bitch” and blam… We concluded my name here on out be “Dab City!!!!”

Have you always been into producing high-energy bass injected music?

YEEEE!!! I like the dirty bass. I started listening to electronic music in 2009. Datsik, Bassnectar, Caspa & Rusko to name a few. I grew up listening to rock and metal. I love when people just let loose and rage hard!!! I’m definitely one to be dancing in the crowd at shows and high-energy dubstep music makes me go bonkers. I produce what I want to hear.

You have an upcoming release coming down the pipes with MalLabel Music, how does it feel to team up with everyone over there?

It feels great!!! I went really far out of my way for this release. I used all new sound design and really pushed myself to create something new and exciting. This is by far my biggest accomplishment as a producer to date. I can’t wait for you guys to hear the new material!! I’m humbled to contribute to such a great team. They raise it!!!

Fun fact: I wrote the track MalLabel picked up while I was in Denver 😉

Who are a few people that first inspired you to take the musical path you have been taking thus far?

Santi from Vital Events / Nicole from Sub.Mission / Insomniac Events / Getter / LabRat / Datsik / Skrillex / Doctor P / Flux Pavilion / GRiZ

What kind of plans do you have for the next few summer months?
I’ve been really busy! The days almost seem to be blending. I’m going to be mainly focusing on producing original music. I want to keep putting out free quality music that people enjoy. I’m also working a lot at a local dispensary. Other than that I’m laying low and getting ready for my move to Denver! 

Any last shot outs that you would like to slide in here before we sign off?
SANTA CRUZ FAMILY! / The Dankles / YourEDM / Camp Question Mark / LabRat / UltraGore Recordings / MalLabel Music / Mike Yaroshinsky / Rudebrat / Sayer / Slosh / Unknown Industries / Primal Productions / Euphoric.net
And a huge shout out and thank you to all my fans, friends and family!! This wouldn’t be possible without all your support. Bless up!! =D
Peace & Love!

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