E Noon Good (1)

This week we are starting things off by bringing you something very special. With the reaches of the internet being so vast these days it isn’t uncommon for a talented artists to come out of the blue, with all pistons blazing. A little over a month ago we came across the musical projects of E●Noon, an emcee in the rough who is bringing us artistically woven lyrics coddled in laid back bumping beats. When trying to find out more about this skilled producer the information we turned up was little to none. With that being the case we sought to pick the brain of E-Noon and let each and every one of you find out what’s going on in there. We have the honor of bringing your eardrums the last single from the EP so you can get a taste of E●Noon while you wander through this post.

How’s it going E●Noon, where are you tuning in from today?

 Ayye, things are going well, life has been smooth sailing. I’m on the road tuning in from Apalachicola, Florida.

Would you like to introduce yourself to everyone out there on the other side?

Well the character that is dubbed ‘E●Noon’ is a schizophrenic cat that is trying to do well and live a non-materialistic life. During the day he is no one; however as night falls he becomes his darker side, E●Noon.

You have only just recently started releasing tunes on your Soundcloud, have you been surprised with how well everyone has been receiving them?

Honestly yes, not only was I surprised at all the positive feedback I received, but how quickly it came about.

From the looks of your Soundcloud you are fairly new to the community. How long have you been producing music for?

Well, E●Noon is actually just a side project of mine that I just make during the hours of the night. So, I’ve been on soundcloud for a bit with my main projects and some others. But, I’ve been playing music since I was a young cat; however I’ve only been producing and making beats for about seven or so years.

Each track we have seen thus far has been backed with a contagious beat, are you the producer and emcee behind all of this material so far?

Yes, everything is in house; it’s all written and recorded in my bedroom.

So far we have seen a pretty unique style coming from you, what are a few things the influence the music you make?

Definitely some of the new electronic producers that are coming up on the scene like Moods and Tennyson but, also having a deep influence from some old school hip hop grooves and feels.

The track we are premiering with this Q&A will be the final track on your EP, was there any particular message you were looking to spread with this diverse release?

There isn’t really a message per say, however since it’s a concept album about the character E●Noon. If it was to come from him, it would be to do good when you can, and try to not live by materialistic things.

Will you personally be dropping this EP or will a label be backing it?

I will personally be dropping the EP simply through digital download on Bandcamp. However, I might possibly be doing a limited release of handmade cassette tapes for it.


What’s next on the chopping block for you?

Now that this is finally dropped, I’m going to do a collaborative EP where each song features a different rapper, and might be working on some beats with some cats.

What will you be doing for the next few months of summer?

Just living life and making music while playing out with some other projects of mine.

Do you have any final shout outs you’d like to throw in here?

Just a shout out and thanks for playing along to all the homies that know or have found out about this project since I’ve been keeping it completely anonymous, and to everyone else that has supported it since.

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