Last week Muti Music brought us a massive remix compilation from San Francisco’s Dubvirus. He has brought on the talent of seventeen skilled producers to put their own twist on assorted tracks from his latest release “Spiral Animals”. Devin Kroes, Atomic Reactor, Elevated Mind, Hypha, & Psy Fi, WALA, CloZee, Wu Wei, Blue Sunshine, Spoken Bird, Concious Kalling, Tha Fruitbat, Bless the AM, Mister Boyfriend, The Grigori Sound, Mr Jennings, Humpfree Lowgart, and Subatomica each lend a special blend of their own to the mix as we are swept up in a whirlwind of ethereal bass. Now dive on in and let the music carry you away, be sure to grab yourself a copy of “Spiral Animals Remixed” while you’re at it since it’s a pay what you feel release!

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  1. Minor correction: the correct spelling of my artists name is Conscious Kalling. Much love to you alls and everything you do!

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