Wolf Pack & React Presents: Play Me Tour - Reid Speed, Cyberoptics, FS

Drum n’ bass is often overlooked in the US, but luckily for us Americans the iconic Hospital Records is doing their part to give the genre the recognition it deserves. The premiere installment of their US podcast series features Reid Speed in the mix for an hour long crash course in drum n’ bass awareness. The mix showcases tracks from Hospital and Med School artists, as well as from Reid Speed’s own label, Play Me Records. Alongside new songs from established artists such as Logistics, Friction, and Metrik are equally impressive introductions to lesser known American producers: “Hot 4 U” by Liminal is one of my favorite new discoveries. Drum n’ bass is steadily sliding its way into the mainstream US electronic music scene – the sheer amount of America-based shout-outs in the podcast is proof enough of that. Don’t be swept away when those frantic BPM’s take over the dance floor; prepare yourself right here with this exciting new development in American drum n’ bass. The podcast is also available for free download via SoundCloud. Can’t get enough? Check out Reid Speed’s SoundCloud stream for more impressive bass music mixes from the queen of badass beats. Stay tuned in to Hospital Records for the next installment of this promising podcast.


  1. Stalking Stones – Royalston
  2. 10 Steps – DLR
  3. Back and Forth (Mako, DLR & AntTC1 Remix) – Dabs & Safire
  4. Slipstream – Metrik
  5. Sparks – Logistics
  6. Let Go (Legion Remix) – Venemy
  7. Somersaults – Logistics
  8. Illusion of Choice ft. MC Fedora & Stamina MC – Chris.SU
  9. Scatter ft. Total Science – Friction
  10. Hot 4 U – Liminal
  11. Pain – DLR
  12. Knowing (Break Remix) – My Nu Leng
  13. Murmur – Octane & DLR
  14. Slimebanks – Royalston
  15. Endurance – Logistics
  16. Modular Jam – Royalston
  17. One Man Army ft. Jakes – N3GUS
  18. All The Things – Nu:Logic
  19. Dust Descends ft. Strange U (Alix Perez Remix) – I Am Legion
  20. Geisha Rhythm – Royalston
  21. Brooklyn Dub – S.P.Y.
  22. Want My Love ft. Elisabeth Troy – Metrik
  23. Maverick Souls – Fred V & Grafix
  24. Halflight – Nu:Logic
  25. Shoot Me Down ft. Robert Manos – Nu:Logic
  26. Akiruno – Logistics
  27. Wanderlust – Logistics
  28. New Beginnings – Macca & Hosta
  29. 96 – Lost
  30. To Infinity & Be Gone – Lung
  31. We Live There ft. DRS – Nu:Logic

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  1. thank you for the kind words! big ups Reid & thanks so much .. this mix alone provided us with many opportunities !!!!!!!

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