ali love p.u.m.p.

Infinity Ink‘s Ali Love released his highly anticipated solo album on Crosstown Rebels yesterday, and it is absolutely extraordinary. Weaving through deep house, disco, and even R&B, Ali exemplifies his range. What I really love about this album (other than its cover), is that it’s crafted to be listened to straight through. Instead of eight-minute long tracks built for mixing, P.U.M.P. has 12 tracks spanning less than an hour. Showing somewhat of a storyline flow throughout the album, nearly every track blends together as opposed to stopping entirely, giving the feeling that you’re truly on a cosmic journey with Love.

“Pumping 4 All (Intro)” starts things off and serves as a perfect introduction for the club-ready, soul-ridden track, “Deep Into the Night.” Ali Love really starts thing with a bang, highlighting his voice over a smooth groove that compliments his unique sound perfectly. With mysterious lyrics describing an after-hours courtship,  Ali takes the listener on a journey with his mesmerizing soprano voice. “Dirty Stories” slides in smoothly next with an acid house-infused bassline and chanting vocals that give off a nice party vibe. The end of this track is when things really start to get funky though, as Ali Love adds some of his signature trippy sounds. When I caught Infinity Ink at this year’s Get Lost at WMC, “Perfect Picture” was the track that really stood out to me most. The bassline in this song is simply vicious, hair raising goodness that rattles the club and leaves you gasping for air. “JESUSONACID” throws a little change of pace into the album, as Ali Love experiments with a far more trippy sound (as the name would suggest).

Following the journey to Mars and back, Ali once again shows his wide range of influence with “P.U.S.S.Y.” a raunchy and sensual R&B track that talks all about Ali’s desires. The synthy “Surrender” keeps the soulful vibes going, offering a more traditional love song with Ali playing guitar throughout. This track is great for those poolside, sun-bathed sets, as Ali once again seduces the listener with his hypnotizing voice. Continuing the poolside vibes, “City Clouds,” provides a nu-disco sound somewhat, and is one of the few instrumentals throughout the album. “Emperor” was released as a single last year, but remains one of my favorite songs to this day. Grimy basslines, eerie synths, and ghostly vocals all combine to make a perfect track for the peak hours. “Cosmic Top Secret” is a driving bass-heavy song that continues to build on itself with scat singing and fluttering synths before releasing into an aggressive acid house track. Featuring rolling basslines, exotic arabian sounds, and a droning vocals, “Egyptian Space Man” sounds pretty much how the name would suggest. Closing things out, Ali Love joins up with Art Deparment‘s Kenny Glasgow in “Ride On.” The dreamy song displays a perfect harmony between the duet, absolutely begging for future collaborations, while also providing a perfect ending for the LP.

Ali Love continues to impress me with each release, and this one just further proves that he’s here to stay. I deeply encourage you to purchase this whole album as opposed to picking and choosing individual songs, as I think that it’s a much more powerful album when listened through straight.

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