artworks-000085556157-zwvrz1-t500x500Today bring you something special to kick off your week.  Zebra Safari first caught my eye a little while back with his masterfully crafted remixes as he is able to capture the essence of a tune while crafting something completely his own.  This year, Zebra Safari has begun to craft some original tunes with the stellar release of his self-titled EP.  While trying to learn more about the skilled beat maestro behind Zebra Safari, I came up empty handed. Therefore, I went ahead to get in touch with this skilled producer to help share what is going on with this great musical project.  We are lucky to be able to bring you this well-crafted original as Zebra Safari’s sound is really coming together.

Hello Zebra Safari, thanks for taking the time to put together the track and interview!  We’re stoked!  Let’s start off with the basics, who are you, where are you from and how did Zebra Safari become what it is today?

My name’s John and I’m a Canadian guy who lives in Stockholm. The Zebra project started a few years ago now but I only got serious about it in the last year and its been steadily building since.

Up until recently most of your work has been remixes. What inspired you to start producing original content?

I’ve always wanted to make originals it just remixes were an easier way to start. The songs I was working on were already familiar to people and had a built in audience. Remixes are fun, but originals are what start to define you as an artist.

How do you approach your original work differently from a remix?

It’s a very similar process. I think my remixes tend to be kind of abstract in a way so some of them are almost like originals. I just apply what I do to remixes to the original content.

You released your well-crafted and Self-Titled EP earlier this year. For future releases do you plan on sticking with the same sound or experimenting more?  Any more releases planned yet for this year?

Thanks for that. I think my sound is constantly evolving so for my next release I wouldn’t be surprised if it sounds different. I’m working on my second EP at the moment and hope to get it released on a label in the fall.

Would you say that being a producer from Sweden have an impact on your sound?

I find myself very drawn to the Swedish music scene at the moment. There are a lot of amazing artists to come out of the country and I think surrounding myself with that has definitely had an influence on me and made me a better producer.

What were some of your early musical influences? Who did you listen to growing up? And what were the first albums that you purchased?

I really listened to everything growing up and still do- rap, jazz, classical, rock, whatever. My Dad always had Paul Simon and R.E.M. in the car, so I remember that from when I was a kid. The first album I ever bought… I can’t remember. I’d love to say it was something cool like Biggie but…

What is your process when you remix a track? What do you look for?

For me, the vocal tends to be very important. Even if I only end up using five seconds of it I often build the entire track off of the vocal. So it needs to be a strong and it needs to be available- that’s the tricky part. There are so many songs I’d love to remix but I can’t get my hands on the vocal stem!

If you could collaborate with any artists, dead or alive, who would it be?

For me, Zebra Safari is a collaboration project so there are hundreds of people I’d like to work with. To name a few- I would love to work with Alex Turner, Andrew Wyatt and Flume.

Last show you attended as a fan?

Cashmere Cat.

Last artist/producer you were stoked on?

Chet Faker.


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