Digitaria Night Falls Again

The long awaited freshman EP from Brazilian duo, Digitaria, is finally here! Showcasing their massively unique, and funky sound, I was first turned onto Digitaria from their Masochist EP, released a couple years back. Immediately, I knew that Hot Creations’ boss-man Jamie Jones had once again found an extremely creative and refreshing new group in Daniela Caldellas and Daniel Albinati, capable of taking over the underground. When word got out a year ago that Digitaria were busy in the studio churning out a full-length for Hot Creations, I knew it would be good, but I had no idea that it would be THIS good.

“End Of Line,” starts off Night Falls Again perfectly, slowly building on a spacious and ethereal beat until Daniela emerges for a brief couple of bars. After the atmospheric start, Digitaria gets right into the thick of things with the album’s single, “Favorite Addiction,” which features Canadian producer/vocalist Clarian. This track has a laid-back, yet energized vibe to it, with Clarian and Daniela exchanging vocal shots back and forth over a droning techno beat. “Human Nature” is up next, and it’s surely one of my personal favorites from the album. Featuring a bunch of exotic Arabian strings/stabs, and a vicious rolling bassline, this track is great for the dark club or playa setting alike. Just trippy enough to appease the burner crowd and funky enough to connect with the avid club-goer, “Human Nature” is a track that every DJ should have in their box. Though “Shine” came out last year (with an amazing remix from wAFF), it’s a track that never really gets old. With great vocal processing, fluttering synths and catchy lyrics, this track is perfect for those sunrise/sunset moments. Turning things a little darker, the techno-infused “1000 Friends” sees a rare appearance from Daniel on vocals. “1000 Friends” is one of those late-night tracks that you can’t really get away with playing before 4 A.M., but when mixed in at the right moment, this track will undoubtedly set off the dance floor.

Truly, I’ve had “Golden Leaves” essentially on repeat since I was sent along the promo, and it hasn’t gotten old a single bit. With “Golden Leaves,” Digitaria is able to bridge the gap between the underground and the more mainstream house sounds, while staying true to their fan-base. Daniela’s unique and emotional voice really shines throughout this track and, in my opinion; this could easily be a top ten hit if it can gain some traction/radio play. Next up is “Crazy Life.” Though the Funky Fat remix was released in Hot Waves 3, the original had been in the Hot Creations archives for a little while. Highlighting Digitaria’s signature bassline sound, this version is a little more melodic, trippy, and laid-back than the Funky Fat remix. “Shopping Centre Soundtrack” is simply a headstrong techno track that has elements of acid house strewn throughout. Using a sample from “Human Nature,” Digitaria is able to create a mesmerizing and driving track to service the farthest depths of the underground. Building things up slowly before releasing into a funky bassline, “Plastic Population” has everything that a DJ could want. Long, anxious build-ups with insane drops and trippy elements that are impossible not to dance to. Digitaria teams up with Argentina-based producer Shall Ocin for “Control.” Ocin’s influences on this track are very apparent, with droning dark basslines and impossibly long buildups that will have the dancefloors grinding their teeth in anticipation for the drop. For the last collaboration of the album, Digitaria team up with fellow Hot Creations member, Denney. This is probably my favorite collab from the LP, as Digitaria’s quick and gritty basslines balance out Denney’s sweeping lows perfectly and make for one hell of a track. Closing out the album is “White Desert,” an atmospheric treat built for the playa sets. This track serves as a perfect wrap-up for an extremely well rounded release, leaving a wonderful aftertaste in the listener’s ears.


All-in-all, Digitaria have crafted one of my favorite deep house LP’s ever with Night Falls Again, affirming the massive creative talent that this duo has. Digitaria really shows their range throughout Night Falls Again, as the album truly has something for everybody. Digitaria absolutely has the potential to become a household name in the next few years. With house music quickly infiltrating the airwaves, and continually getting darker, Digitaria may be the perfect mix of underground and pop to become the next big thing.

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