Azealia BanksAside from her exceedingly hilarious Twitter beefs, we haven’t heard much from Ms. Azealia Banks in a minute. After a lengthy battle with Universal, the rapper has finally split with her record label, an action she appears to be ecstatic about. In a recent tweet she proclaimed “I’m feeling like miss celie at the end of color purple. … Free at last.” Releasing the first material since her major label exit, Azealia blesses us with “Heavy Metal and Reflective.” The new track features production perfectly tailored to the song’s title from Lil Internet along with Ms. Banks spitting her always cunning lyrics. Besides her infectious style of rapping and ability to actually sing, my favorite thing about Azealia Banks may be her refusal to fall into a category, releasing material all over the musical spectrum. As of now, the future of her long awaited and often delayed debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste is unknown, but we can only pray for its release in 2014. Hear “Heavy Metal and Reflective” below.