If you haven’t heard of MOA, you may want to start and take notice. MOA is the moniker of Max Wild, a classically trained jazz instrumentalist that grew up in Zimbabwe. Initially performing and mastering Afro-pop, Wild moved to Berlin, and then the U.S., drawing influences from these vastly different areas. After making these moves, Wild decided to fuse the dark, afterhour, Berlin techno sound with his more jazzy influences and the electro funk sound that’s been sweeping through the U.S. The result is astounding.

The Dance Tonight EP features the famous Zimbabwean singer, Chiwoniso, who passed away just over a year ago. With the release of the EP, Wild also put out a statement, noting that “Dance Tonight was the last song I recorded with her. It is in her honor that this music is released, and we celebrate her spirit by hearing her voice.” In an act of selflessness, MOA has further offered to donate the proceeds from “Dance Tonight” to Chiwoniso’s orphaned children.

The EP starts off with the aptly-named “Prelude,” which provides a wonderful intro to the release. Highlighted by a funky sax and buzzing saw synth stabs, the track progressively builds on itself before an ethereal bridge takes the listener into an even groovier sax, complimented by creeping elements of dubstep. The prelude works its way into the title track, “Dance Tonight,” featuring¬†Chiwoniso’s extravagant voice. With poolside, summertime vibes, “Dance Tonight” is a great track to get the dance floor moving! What really strikes me as special about this track (and the EP in general) is the acute detail that MOA puts into his production. This is one of those tracks that you continue to listen to, and continue to find more and more elements in. Closing out the EP is “Debo,” a soulful yet fun electro track, that I suspect offers a sonic “goodbye” to MOA’s good friend and collaborator (I may be completely off, but this track is highly emotional to say the least).

The EP is available for free via, but with proceeds going toward a good cause, you should really just purchase your copy from the iTunes store!

If you dig MOA’s sound, be sure to pick up his debut EP, “My Name Is MOA,” as well. It is available on iTunes and is more of that funky, electro, dubstep fusion that’s quickly becoming MOA’s signature sound.

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