With a catalogue of top-notch remixes under his belt, SevnthWonder’s rising star is one to keep an eye out for. His eclectic blend of R&B and hip-hop sounds over future beats have brought him major recognition, and his latest remix of Tinashe’s track “2 On” is sure to be the smash of the season. Read more about SevnthWonder’s sound, and the story behind that tiger bandana!

– What first inspired you to start producing?

I was first inspired to produce when I discovered musicians like Kanye West and realized they were sampling old school R&B/Funk/Soul samples I used to listen to as a kid on vinyl. I thought it was insane how they would take the original sample and “remix” to fit their style.


– Tell us about your wild side! How did the tiger bandana come about?

The tiger bandana was a gift I was given by a family member about 8 years ago. It was originally a snowboard mask that I would wear when I would visit my family in the winter.  I decided to use it as a mask for performance when I decided I wanted to conceal my identity when I would DJ at gigs.


– Do you have any mentors in the music scene that helped you develop your sound?

I didn’t have any mentors when curating my sound, but I’ve been heavily influenced and inspired by so many awesome musicians in the community I’m apart of.  I think my biggest influences right now are Nehzuil, Capsun, SteLouse, Esta, Sango, and just about anything DJ Complexion plays on his Future Beat Show.


– What is your view on producers blending classic R&B with current electronic elements, and how do you think this style is shaping electronic music of today? 

I think it’s awesome producers are re-visiting old school R&B/Soul jams. I love just about everyone’s interpretation on these songs and the modern twist is a refreshing change to the original. There haven’t been that many remixes I wasn’t too fond of lately.


– If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

I think if I could, I would want to collaborate with either J Dilla or DJ Premiere. I think their style of sampling old school R&B/Soul into Hip-Hop was legendary, and are still some of the best (classic) producers to date.


– What’s been your craziest gig?

I think my NYC debut gig was my craziest gig to date because my friends all got a penthouse suite after my show and we spent the night overlooking all of Manhattan.

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