Boy do we have a special treat for you guys today. West coast based Chillage Records just dropped the curtains on a brand new batch of bubbling bass tracks from their roster of up and coming producers. They are taking us back to the bog on this thirteen track compilation that is sure to leave you whirling in a swampy daze. If you are familiar with Chillage Records previous compilation’s then you already know you can expect some top quality production from everyone that leant a track to ‘Crunksauce Vol. III’. Isurite, Urple Eeple, Perukulat0r, Elevated Mind, Casual Magic, Hoshaka, SWAGU, Opal Dusk, Big Joe Daddy, Devin Kroes, Megowan, Lazer Tooth, Tzolkeen all lend some flavors to the release. Crank those speakers up and dive into this tumultuous hour long journey through bass and time. Oh and one more thing before we let you submerge yourself in the music! Chillage Records is doing a crowd funding campaign to provide fans with at cost physical CDs. Basically, they are trying to do a group buy on a 100 CD print job from the CD printing facility. If fans want a super cheap high quality CD (with nice artwork on jacket, artwork on the CD itself) then they can grab one through this link: HERE.


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