feed meIt was October of 2011 when John Gooch better known as Feed Me made his debut at the Aragon Ballroom opening up for Deadmau5 and Exicision.  Fast forward a few years and we have a artist that has taken his music and stage production from a man behind a set of decks to a visual and musical mastermind behind a set of teeth.  In three years, he has released three EP’s: To The Stars, Feed Me’s Escape From Electric Mountain and Feed Me’s Psychadelic Journey along with his debut album, Calamari Tuesday.  His most recent EP, Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey, was released last month on his very own label, Sotto Voice.  The four track EP he describes is  “…in chronological and stylistic order; consideration, recuperation, awakening and transcendence.”  Feed Me commits to delivering a visually driven concept while focusing 100% on his own material. Delta Heavy, Luminox, Nadastrom and Zeros will be accompanying Feed Me this Saturday at The Aragon Ballroom so be sure to grab tickets below!


If you can’t afford tickets, you’re in luck!  Enter our ticket giveaway to win a pair of tickets thanks to Feed Me and his crew!


Contest ends Friday, August 22nd at 3pm. Good Luck! 




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