asa is deep

You might need to shower after listening to this new release from Asa & Sorrow: the Legendary EP is as grimey as it gets. This collaboration from the Bristol producers is a demonstration of beautiful chaos. Asa & Sorrow embrace deep, wonky, atmospheric bass as well as their native UK bass sound in the EP. Beginning with the melodic orchestral opening notes of “Untitled”, Legendary steadily builds up the energy through four tracks of funky cacophony. The release is shockingly cohesive: each track flows into the next seamlessly. The atmosphere escalates with every song, through the filthy yet atmospheric breakdowns of “Titan” and “Shook”, and culminating in the EP’s epic title track, “Legendary”. The justified proclamation, “We do that legendary sh*t!” is an accurate summary of Asa & Sorrow’s collaboration.

Legendary is available now through Joker’s label Kapsize. Stream a preview of the EP right here, and check out Asa & Sorrow’s mini-mix for Joker on RinseFM featuring the tracks from the EP as well more soundbending from the partnership. Purchase Legendary on iTunes.

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