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EventBrite, an online ticketing service, is leading the charge with insights on music festival popularity and trends from the past calendar year.  Not only did they provide us with the most buzzed-about music festival across the country, they also detail the ways in which people engage with the events before, during and after.  For instance, did you know that 70% of people said they’re more likely to attend an event if they can streaming or engage online first, or that FOMO is a music festival’s best friend.

As the graphic above explains, these are the most buzzed about festivals across the nation.  How did EventBrite gather this info you ask?  Well, they analyzed over 20 million social media conversations to gather their data.  Insights gathered on the whole, and individually for each festival, could lead you to pick your next adventure.  In addition, you might learn a bit about how festivals market themselves to you and your peers.

You can read more about their study on EventBrite’s website or download the full study (which is user friendly) here.  Based on this info, which festival will you check out next year?


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