Yesterday the world was graced with a brand new EP from the brilliant German producer Scientific. It’s been released on French record label Cosmonostro, who’s past year in the game has brought us some incredibly delicious tunes. I was super excited to hear  this release from Scientific, and let me tell you, it falls nothing short, if not far surpasses his earlier releases. The five song EP takes the listener away on a journey through beautiful soundscapes and wet bass, leaving them wishing it was 15 tracks longer. His tight percussion is layered in such fashion that you’ll be nodding along without even realizing it. I’ve rinsed every song on this EP evenly and can’t find much I don’t love about it. This German producer has quite a future in front of him if he keeps putting out work like this. Stay tuned with The Dankles to hear more from this cat, we may have something in the works 😉

Favorite Track: Dispersion

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