Whether you’re looking for something easy to start your day with or something you can throw on and roll around in bed for a little while longer, it’s time you tune into this haunting release from Oimactta. With a style reminiscent of some of Shlohmo‘s old school vibes we’re sure a good lot of you will quickly fall in love with these guys. ‘Bad Trips’ saw its public debut a few months back but we couldn’t help but share once we stumbled across this Georgia based production duo. They weave us a loose web of ominous vibes throughout the entirety of this five track release that is sure to leave you stuck. Through concocting unique ambient soundscapes that take you off into a fuzzy dreamworld it’s hard not to get lost in the haze while you wander through ‘Bad Trips’. Most recently Oimactta released another single ‘To Hurt U’ via their Bandcamp as well so we thought it only right to slide that little flavor in below as well so you can get yourselves up to date with their most current efforts.

Favorite Track: Same Old

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