By now I’m sure pretty you’re all familiar with Sage The Gemini‘s oh so contagious single ‘Gas Pedal’ that was burning through the airwaves earlier this year. What most of you may not be caught up on are all of the wild remixes producers have been churning out over the past few months. We have seen producers meld this track into everything from dubstep, to trap, chillwave, and even house. One avenue we have yet to see a producer take this tune down is that of laid back beats; that was until we stumbled across this new rendition from Ness and HNRO. Together they wrangled up ‘Gas Pedal’, dragged it into their time machine, and brought it back to the 90s to slather it in luscious hip hop vibes. Now I’m sure you’re gonna be roped in right off the bat so don’t forget to grab that free download before you’re done here!


Instrumental : Bandcamp


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