To help get your day rolling today we thought it might be nice to douse you guys with some laid back ambient vibes. What we have cooking for you this morning is the freshest release from Portland’s STYLSS collective. Mustapha Mond has given STYLSS the opportunity to drop his debut Self Titled LP and we must say it’s a perfect fit for this crew. Hailing from Boston this producer on the rise is sure to wrapped you up tight in this haunting eleven track debut. Mustapha Mond whisks us away in a tumultuous whirlwind of off kilter jazzy rhythms before dumping us off into a cavernous expanse of ambient bliss. We see guest appearances from King Plauge, Sidewalks and Skeletons, Dionysus, and Universes throughout the LP whom were all a bit foreign to me beforehand but after giving this a good listen through it’s clear they were the perfect accompaniment for the ghostly vibes Mustapha Mond has conjured up.


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