We thought it would be a good idea to bring your day to a soothing close by turning the spotlight on a talented new family of artists we just recently came across. Coming to us from Montreal and the deep reaches of the interweb meet Play It Louder, a stacked DIY label and artist collective. For the third installment of their compilation series they have weaved together a dazzling selection of nineteen luscious tracks from producers around the globe. Now this compilation dropped about a month ago but these tracks are truly timeless. Each artist present on here gifts us with their very own flavor of laid back future beats that are sure to sweep you off your feet. With a roster that includes tracks from KidGhost, Cosmic Quest, Lancaster, NegiumBeats, Congruence, Fortune, Dave Luxe & Kaya, Midliife, Dreamers Delight, Vagabond, Telescope Thieves, Guffstar, GDNA, Feola, RJ Tripps, R.O.M & Riddla, Elkco & Jordan James, Dailon, and Nanpa Noir you’d be crazy to not find something that tickled your fancy. Now that’s enough from me, dive on in if you haven’t already and be prepared to be dipped into a world of swirling future beats courtesy of Play It Louder.



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