Spice up your afternoon with the latest tune from local Boulder producer Focal Point! A little over a week ago he dropped the curtains on his latest single ‘Constantinople’ and boy will it put a little hop in your step. He has taken this classic track and morphed it into his very own tune by smearing it with electro swing vibes that are sure to get the blood flowing. Focal Point has been all over the music scene here in Colorado this summer so you guys better start to take notice! On September 19th he will be joining Krooked Drivers for their album release party at the 1up on Colfax with T.WildeMr. BugattiDawn Breakers, and some other special guests that have yet to be announced so make sure you mark your calendars. Krooked Drivers have been working relentlessly to present you with “Finding The Way” so we are sure it’s going to be a party down at 1up!

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