That’s right folks, we have a little treat for you guys today. Not only did Bleep Bloop just release a brand spanking new EP for everyones listening enjoyment but he also just let us pick his brain a bit about recent happenings in his world and what went in to putting together ‘Feel The Cosmos’. If you are unfamiliar with the exotic flavors of this talented producer you’re in luck because this is easily one of his most unique releases to date. With a growing catalogue of tracks under his belt already it’s no wonder he has been receiving so much solid recognition throughout the course of this year already. We have scattered the entire EP throughout this little Q&A so be sure to take a taste of each track Bleep Bloop included on this massive new release on Saturate Records.

Download ‘Feel The Cosmos’ Here

Long time no talk! It’s been a long time since we caught up with you sir, how have things been in the word of Bleep Bloop recently?

As of right now, things are great. I was going through personal shit for a long time but now I’m back from Burning Man and fed all that drama to fire. So yeah, things are really good. Been making tunes that I am feeling and hanging out with friends. AND I’m about to release this EP!

Today we see the public debut of your ‘Feel The Cosmos’ EP on Saturate Records, how excited are you to have teamed up with these guys again for another release?

I am SOOOOOOO excited about it. First off, Saturate is and has been one of my favorite labels for the last four years. Every time I work with them I get that warm fuzzy feeling. Secondly, these are some of my favorite songs that I have ever made so the idea of sharing them with everyone is amazing.

You have dished out seven ethereal tracks for this new release, what kind of journey are you trying to take your listeners on with this one (if you had to depict one that is)?

Well I would say that the release is constantly traveling back and forth in-between the outer space plane and the earth plane. Hopefully there are moments in the release where people will feel that they are occupying both of those planes at the same time. I’m trying to take you to that dance floor in the sky.

Has this release been your main production focus recently or do you tend to work on multiple projects at the same time?

This release has not been my main production focus as of late. With an exception of a couple of the tunes, all of these songs are at least 6 months old or more, some of them are even a year old. That being said, I do tend to work on multiple projects at once. I probably have some ADD and that kind of thing helps me stay focused and entertained.

You always seem to have some wild titles for each track that sees the light of day, do you have a process for when it comes time to give something a name or does that evolve as production progresses?

For the most part I just think about it as the song goes. And name it after whatever comes to mind. Sometimes there is a word or idea that guides the tunes direction though, and in that case the title often ends up being that word. But yeah. I half enjoy, half dread naming songs.

Over the past year we have seen your name surface all over the place, you have given Trapmusic.NET, Run The Trap, and most recently STYLSS a little taste of Bleep Bloop, are you happy with how well the music community has been receiving your material?

Man I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of love and support I have been getting from my community it’s ridiculous.

Throughout the past few months we have seen a handful of collaborative work between you and other artists, what about working with another producer do you think stands out when compared to producing solo?

When you are working with someone and it is clicking there is no better feeling. The song just keeps coming back better and better. It’s like listening to music and making it at the same time. I like it. Solo music making is much more meditative I suppose.


With the summer drawing to a close what do you have up your sleeves for the upcoming fall/winter months?


I have more releases up my sleeve on labels like Liquid Amber and Robot Notch. Also I will be playing shows. Gonna be stopping through St. Paul, Seattle, Eugene, Flagstaff, Fargo, Austin, and Chicago soon. Lots of these places i’ve never been before so I am really excited about that. So ridiculously stoked to come and share my music everywhere

Out of curiosity; when you’re not phoning in alien transmissions off in the studio what are a few other things Bleep Bloop likes to do with his time?

Feeling the cosmos. [Laughs] On the real I like to look at the stars a lot. I also play the guitar and read during a lot of my free time. Finding rad art is another way I love to spend the time.

That about does it for us, before tuning out is there anything else you’d like to slide in here for the readers on the other side?

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support. You are all making this possible. also




Download ‘Feel The Cosmos’ Here


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