New Jersey hip hop artist GDP has longtime been a favorite of mine. I was first introduced to him by a friend in 2008 when I was showed the video for his track “Succumb.” Instantly hooked, I began following everything his then label Slangcorp, was putting out. I believe I found such interest in this group of MC’s and beat makers because they were real. In a world full of bullshit hip hop where people rhyme about whatever they feel is cool, you can just tell these dudes live this shit. He’s also been productive over the last 6 years, cranking out two of my favorite albums to bump, “Useless Eaters” and “Realistic Expectations,” along with 6 other great releases. GDP has an incredibly interesting spoken word flow, that when mixed with this content is as addicting as the drugs he spits about. Earlier today he put out an album called “Collectibles,” a collection of GDP songs and collaborations released from 2012-2014 that “never saw the light of day.” I highly suggest checking out this new album, who knows, you may get hooked.


Favorite Track: ORLY

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