Incase some of you are still rubbing your eyes in disbelief, let us assure you, you’re not seeing things. Perkulat0r and The OriGinALz have in fact teamed up to bring you a monstrous four track EP that is straight up bursting from the seams with gooey bass vibrations. These guys have been taking advantage of every opportunity to work together over the past couple months to chef up ‘Drip On Me’ so it brings a smile to our face seeing that it’s finally ready for its public debut! If you are familiar with the styles of Perkulat0r and The OriGinALz you will truly hear how well they meld their sounds on this release. Tucked up in this EP we are dealt four bouncing bass tracks that are sure to get you up and grooving wherever this post finds you on this fine day. As of now you can tune in via their Bandcamp so make sure you grab yourself a copy while you’re at it! Though you can grab it for free I’m sure the guys would be ecstatic about any donation you can float their way. They pour their soul into making this music for us and you can truly feel that as you listen through ‘Drip On Me’.


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