One thing we like to do over here at The Dankles is keep you on your toes. Whether it’s the music we bring you day to day or the exclusive material we bring you week after week we are always striving to keep things fresh! Though we have been fairly quite on that front the past few months we are changing that. Today we have a brand new track coming to us from the heart of Atlanta. Now you all know Atlanta is synonymous for being on the forefront of the hip-hop scene so it should be no surprise that what we have for you right here is a hard hitting rap track. Strap Deez hit us up to premiere his fresh new single ‘Get It Myself’ and once we let it rip through our speakers there was no way we could turn it down. On top of the catchy hooks and flows strewn throughout the track we also see a guest feature from Cap 1, another emcee that has been making massive moves in the scene this year. Strap Deez has been a fundamental contributor to the hip hop scene in Atlanta for a good while now so if this is the first time his flows are creeping through your eardrums it’s about time you listened up. Be sure to keep your ears peeled for more heat from Strap Deez in the next few weeks because he will have more trunk knockin’ tracks comin’ your way before you know it.

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