That’s right folks, we are keeping the exclusive material flowing this week. Today we are proud to be bringing you a brand spanking new track from Michal Menert and Eliot Lipp! These two talented artists cooped themselves up in the studio in between gigs to put together a tasty two track release for your listening pleasure. ‘Jacques Nouveau’ is the final track from the 7″ that is coming out in its entirety today, the title track ‘Victory’ debuted via This Song Is Sick a few weeks back. Menert and Lipp have dealt us a sensually infused jazzy melody that is sure to tickle your fancy. Crisp production is rampant throughout the entire 7″, and we wouldn’t expect any less. Currently the guys are on tour with a few other members of the Pretty Lights Music crew for the 2014 Keepin’ it Crew tour that is kicking off next week and most likely coming to a city near you over the course of the next month, dates can be found here. We are excited to see what you guys think about this stellar collaboration because we have had it stuck on repeat for the past few days. Now that the 7″ is finally seeing its public debut we can only be patient to see if Michal Menert & Eliot Lipp churn out any more material together. Whether you’re putting around in the office, bumping around between classes, or taking a casual stroll through the park ‘Jacques Nouveau’ is most definitely a track you’re going to want added to your playlist.

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