“All I roll with is green thumbs and fan favorites,” Treyy G a Denver-based producer teamed up with F.Lawless of The Food Chain to release an incredible remix of “Cameras” that will send you straight to cloud 9! Treyy G added just the right amount of umph to this song. “Cameras” first appeared on FL’s ‘Young Amsterdam’ album earlier this year. As a solo artist, this album was the start of what FL calls the sophisticated smokers movement.

As an ambassador of the sophisticated smoker’s movement, he has been throwing private smoke-outs. These events are created to be a place where fans have face time with the artist and where other artists can cultivate and exchange ideas in a community like setting. The sophisticated smokers movement is a move away from typical smoker stereotypes in today’s society into an era of creative elegance. FL is hosting another party on September 24th,  you can find more details about how to get invited on his Facebook page.

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