No matter how stressful life seems to be at times, I’ve always been able to find the ultimate serenity from a stress-reliever named Goldroom. Goldroom (Josh Legg) has made a name for himself over the past few years through his original releases, while also consistently putting out four mixes a year (one for each season) that features some of his own work and other artists that he labels as inspiration. As summer begins to fade from our grasp, Goldroom helps us slowly ease into a fall mood with his soothing and daydreamy tunes that have become a staple in his musical expression. Containing fifteen tracks from a diverse range of artists and two tracks from Goldroom himself, the Otoño Mix has elements that will appeal to everyone. Whether you’re trying to push through the workday, need chilled out afternoon jogging tunes, or just want to lay in the grass and let the world pass by; have a listen and get lost in the magic that is Goldroom.


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