Add some laid back vibes to your Friday before the weekend is under way courtesy of Celadon City. This midwestern based producer has been making waves in the underground for the past couple of years and he is donning us with this new track to thank everyone for helping him reach 500 followers over on SoundCloud. Celadon City recently came up on our radar with his unique downtempo soundscapes and since then I have had a hard time not listening to him constantly. While Celadon is still constantly making a name for himself through various releases on the web it’s clear this young producer is honing in on a sound that is quite unique. This new melody ‘Thank You <3’ is rich with those exact vibes we’re talking about. Celadon city delivers a fine smattering of starry synth lines backed with just enough bass to spin you off into the cosmos no matter where this track finds you on this fine afternoon!

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