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Denver is where drum n’ bass goes to thrive. Tucked into a musical landscape that’s relatively dismissive of the genre, Denver is an oasis for those of us who feed off high BPM’s, rumbling bass, and the roots of today’s bass music. As a Denver-based drum n’ bass head, I’d like to offer the most sincere thank-you to Recon, the crew singly and successfully devoted to fostering what might be the most impressive, passionate drum n’ bass and jungle scene in America.

On Saturday, October 11th, Recon celebrates eleven years of epic drum n’ bass nights with – you guessed it, yet another epic drum n’ bass night. Om Unit, Trace, Quadrant & Iris are taking over Vinyl Nightclub along with Recon resident performers. This event is going to be huge: after eleven years, Recon has a hell of a lot to celebrate.

The electronic music scene has changed immeasurably over the past eleven years (in 2003, Skrillex’s screamo band From First To Last had yet to release their debut album!) but Recon remains true to their roots, providing a home for quality music and anyone who wants to hear it. Started by Maggie Despise and Mike Meka – One in the days of The Snake Pit, Recon has outlived many Denver venues. Most recently they carried their legacy through Norad Dance Bar. Artists such as S.P.Y., Evol Intent, Icicle, Nymfo, Spor, The Upbeats, Phace, and far too many more to list made their Colorado debuts at Recon events. And thanks to Recon’s dedication to, quote, “offering the best of the best for us broke jungle kids”, Denver’s scene isn’t just surviving, its growing. I know I’m not the only youngun who discovered myself at a Recon drum n’ bass show.

Whether you’re an original junglist or simply a supporter of good music, Recon’s eleven year anniversary is the only place to be on October 11th. Educate yourself on the sounds of Om Unit, Trace, Quadrant & Iris right here! Buy your tickets now: some $15 pre-sale tickets are still available. Follow Recon on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud to stay updated on all things jungle & drum n’ bass.

Despise (Founder)
Automated Prayer/Red Cell
Axel Madden
Reckless MC/Atic
X-TS Emcee




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