It should come as no surprise that the instant Mr. Carmack‘s newest 17 track EP dropped at midnight we were scrambling to scoop a download to see what magic he’d blessed upon us this time. As expected the extensive EP bumps with his ever hype take on 808 bass music.  If you’ve seen Carmack this year, you’ve definitely heard him drop a few of these tunes before. The EP contains 13 original tracks and four new remixes including a “Move That Dope” remix that is seriously off the charts.  The rate at which Carmack cranks out quality music is unbelievable. He just has a knack for supreme creativity that seems unmatched by so many producers in the same realm. Ever since he began to pop off I’ve noticed many producers try to emulate his style of bass music. Some to no avail, others finding a new sound to work with. There is no denying the presence and sway Carmack has over the underground electronic music scene, and this EP solidifies that fact. Come grab your own copy and kick back to the rhythms of Carmack Tha God.



Favorite Track: Move (Mr. Carmack Remix)

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Saturday 04 October 2014
Mr. Carmack
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