If you had a long weekend and you’re looking for something to help you unwind or maybe a little something to help you enjoy this gorgeous fall day it’s time you leant an ear to Tin Gardens. This production duo has been making some serious commotion since their debut EP dropped last September. Thanks to the good people over at Play it Louder and TDS (The Dope Supremacy) we are fortunate enough to be able to bring you the first taste of their sophomore EP ‘Swells’. If you’re unfamiliar with Tin Gardens they are made up of Matias Añon and Cody Samson, two talented young producers. While Cody goes to school in Georgia they primarily work form their hometown of Chicago and since their last release they have been working diligently to develop their sound. The end result of this hard work truly shines through on the ‘Swells’ EP. They weave lush downtempo soundscapes with melodic vocals that are sure to whisk you away into a starry daze. While Cody does most of the singing, Matias has also been dusting off the old pipes and lending his voice to some of the tunes as well. Being able to see two producers work together so seamlessly is something you don’t come across everyday and we are sure plenty of you will agree with us on that one. This release is the product of Chicago skate/art/music collective TDS  and worldwide collective/label Play it Louder so make sure you find your way to their outlets to check out all of the other great things they have going on! If you’re vibing with this release as much as we have been make sure you find your way over to TDS’ Bandcamp to grab yourself a copy, the link can be found below. That’s all from us, take a load off and enjoy the musical wonderings of Tin Gardens.

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