To get your week started off right we have a brand new exclusive to help you get the juices flowing. Today Conscious Kalling, a bass producer on the rise from New Mexico, drops the curtains on his sophomore EP ‘Invisible Instruments’. On this release he delivers us a fresh serving of organic, midtempo, tribal bass music that is sure to get you up and bumping around today. Thanks to the folks over at Party Time Society we have the opportunity today to bring you an exclusive freebie from this release that goes by the name of ‘Five-Sided Diagonal Objects’. Much like the other four songs wrangled together on this release we are dished out an ethereal soundscape that is sure to carry you away into the cosmos for a bit. For those of you that are fans of Govinda, Kaminanda, Plantrae, Thriftworks, or anything in that realm you’re sure to fall in love with Conscious Kalling. While the rest of ‘Invisible Instruments’ isn’t free you can work your way on over to Additech to grab yourself a copy for a very reasonable fee. So that’s enough from us, dive into the tumultuous new exclusive and follow the links to grab a copy of ‘Invisible Instruments’ in its entirety!

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