It’s been over five months since we’ve delivered a guest mix to all you lovely followers, but today that changes. The homie Chiller Whale out of northern California has put together our 40th guest mix, and we couldn’t be happier with it. If you’re unfamiliar with the vibes of the Chiller Whale, prepare yourself for a wild ride through electronic music. This chill orca has spun quite the variety of sexy future beats to bump while you go about your day. Chiller Whale always has that top notch track selection; including the likes of ANDRU, King Henry, Phazz, Kuma, and many others in this mix. He does a fantastic job of creating an audio journey, making sure to switch up genres and keep you hooked. If you’re a fan of future music make sure to grab yourself a copy of this mix, and show the Chiller Whale some love.


Tracklist (linked to the song)

KAASI – Heartbeats
Chris McClenny – Best You Got
King henry – I smoke, I drink
JD Reid – On Air
Mincha – Hearts & Pain
Jordan James & Elkho – Show You Off
Ego Ella May – Underwater
Phazz – Addiction
Wayvee – I’ll Never
salute – Gold Rush
kuma – sumimasen
noi – injunction
Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Terroreur (G Jones Remix)

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