If you are constantly on the prowl for new tunes I’m sure you have been aware of all the entries people have been churning up to be entered in Odesza’s ‘Say My Name’ remix contest. While we have seen countless edits coming to light over the past few weeks it’s not everyday we see it fit to bring certain remixes of the sort to light. This isn’t because we don’t think they are good, there are just far too many for us to keep up with! Just the other day Celadon City released his interpretation of the song and man has it really caught the attention of our ears. Celadon City has taken the stems from the original and smattered them with an airy elegance unlike any of the other remixes we have come across. Through spreading a coating of his own style over Odesza’s original tune we are left with light and whimsical edit. Chock full of nature samples, tumbling drums, and Zyra’s original vocals we are sure many of you will be swept off your feet by this one. If you’re truly feeling what Celadon City has whipped up go give him your vote. We know he would greatly appreciate your support!

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