Alas, Spoken Bird has finally dropped the curtains on his debut EP! For a the past year and a half my ears have been tantalized by Spoken Bird’s appearances on compilations all over the boards but it’s truly a landmark even to see him drop his first solo release on Chillage Records. ‘How Old is the Wind’ came to the public just before last weekend and has been captivating ear drums all around the globe. If you have not yet heard of this talented producer on the rise he hails from Berkeley, CA with an ethereal style of bass music with production qualities that are quite unique. As you delve into this lucid four track release you are sure to be quick to notice this style we are referring to. Spoken Birds weaves worldly vibes with intergalactic undulations that are sure to quickly transport you into the cosmos. Chillage Records are the ones behind bringing this EP to light, they are an up and coming DIY label out of Northern California continually pushing the bill of downtempo experimental bass music. In the past we have seen a handful of juicy compilation releases from them but it looks as if ‘How Old is the Wind’ is their first solo release. If you like what Spoken Bird is dishing out on these four tracks be sure to wonder back to their Bandcamp page and peruse their past catalogue of releases to come across some other talented producers on their radar!

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  1. Smooth Psychedelic Goodness!

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