For those of you that are down with laid back hip hop vibes you’re in the right place. Today we have the latest single from Corey Lee, a talented rap artist hailing from Norristown, PA. Corey Lee dishes out his emotions on ‘Grown Up’ as he touches on personal issues and other factors currently revolving around the scene he submerges himself in. ‘Grown Up’ is backed by a light ethereal beat from the talented Canadian beat producer Omito, a talented young producer that is quickly gaining notoriety. Corey Lee is still gaining a foothold in the scene of laid back emotional hip hop but we are sure his name is about to become much more familiar. His third official mixtape “Trueprint2” is slated for release sometime this month so be sure to keep your ears peeled. Corey Lee’s style matches perfectly with this downtempo beat from Omito and if you’re vibing with this track as much we are you can even go ahead and grab yourself a free download. Make sure you don’t sleep on Corey Lee or you will be smacking yourself in the forehead when this upcoming mixtape drops and he is going global with his sound.

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