Looking to pump up your day with some bass? You’re in the right place! Yesterday the esteemed Texas imprint Gravitas Recordings dropped the curtains on a brand spanking new seventeen track compilation. They have teamed up with Every90Minutes to curate a special compilation whose proceeds will be going to benefit a very special cause. “Beat ALS” spans the spectrum of sound throughout each of the seventeen tracks with all proceeds directly benefiting Every90Minutes, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to funding ALS research through music and events. They have wrangled together an all-star lineup of producers on this release from Bassnectar, BT, Tritonal, Richie Hawtin, Dub FX, John Acquaviva, ill.gates, Matthew Dear, to Machinedrum and many more! Now if that’s not already enticing enough I don’t know what would be. Dubstep meets everything from techno to downtempo cinematic tracks on this eclectic compilation so make sure you really take the time to give it a good ear. While some of these tracks have surfaced in the public eye the tracks contributed by Mr. Bill, BT, Au5, Fractal, Bird of Prey, Psymbionic, Buku, ill.Gates, BLUSKREEN, Machinedrum, and Matthew Dear are all entirely unreleased! Take a dive into “Beat ALS” and be sure to find your way over to Gravitas’ Bandcamp to done and grab yourself a copy!



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