Soulular has long time been a friend of ours here at The Dankles, and the progression of his music has been a real treat to listen to. The LA producer has a very unique sound that fits itself somewhere in between glitch hop and psychedelic dubstep. His newest album “EvoLuminate” is the perfect example of where his musical journey has taken him. Filled with beautiful natural sounds, Soulular does a fantastic job of easing the listener through each of the eight new tracks. Rather than the typical build to drop formula most producers use, his music breathes in and out of each of his well crafted and intelligent bass lines. I recently had to drive 17 hours across the country so I had some serious time with this album, and I was simply blown away. Being a huge fan of space bass music I’m super excited to be able to share this with you guys. Grab yourself a copy of “EvoLuminate,” and fall in love.


Favorite Track: Soft Puddles

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