That’s right folks, Los Angeles based imprint Headtron has just came forth from the shadows and brought us a brand spanking new compilation. After a little hiatus from releasing music the kind folks over at Headtron are breaking the dry spell. As many of you listeners familiar with Headtron might expect ‘Succulent Selections’ comes to us packed to the brim with rich and delicate bass vibes that are sure to blast you off into the stars. Present on the compilation are a wide array of producers; we are gifted new vibes from GoldRush, Gladkill, ChrisB., Sugarpill, Morillo, ULU, jOBOT, Russ Liquid, Thriftworks, and Andreilien. Each of these artists brings a unique and special style to the compilation as we are carried throughout an undulating journey of bass music. One of my favorite things about Headtron has always been their knack to seamlessly weave multiple tempos of bass fueled tunes into such well balanced releases and this new compilation is no different. For those of you looking for a new batch of tunes to keep you going throughout the week you’re in luck because you can cruise on over to their Bandcamp and grab yourself a copy right now! While we can’t say when we will see another release from Headtron surface this one is sure to tide you guys over for a good while. Dive on in and let yourself be swept away in the currents brought forth by the well selected tracks present on ‘Succulent Selections’.

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