Yesterday local Denver producer Mux Mool laid out a new tune on his SoundCloud. For those of you familiar with this talented producers style you will notice right off the bat that ‘Thank You’ is something special. As Mux Mool has gained notoriety in the scene over the past few years he has constantly given back to his fans. Whether it be through live performances or him dishing out loads of quality music it wouldn’t surprise us if many of you Denver music lovers have been on the receiving end of this kindness more than once. ‘Thank You’ is yet another thanks to all of the fans that helped Mux Mool get to where he is today. Rather than the upbeat production some of you may be expecting, ‘Thank You’ harnesses another side of Mux Mool. Here we are dealt a soft laid back melody that paints a picture of the changing of leaves and crisp autumn strolls. As with most of Mux Mool’s music you can grab yourself a free copy of this new single over on his Bandcamp via the link below if you become as entangled in these new vibes as we have.

Download Here


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