For those of you vibing with the Headtron compilation we brought you the other day you’re certainly going to dig what Foundations Recordings cooked up for our ear holes. While these compilations both saw the light of day around the same time we thought it might be a little bit of an overload to bring you both at the same time. Here on the Paragon Collective: Vol. 1 you might see some familiar faces from the Headtron release yet we see a very different mix of vibes present. Foundations Recordings, another young DIY imprint from the west coast has been churning out quality releases from the start and this beginning of their compilation series is no different. After giving Vol. 1 a good rinse I already can’t wait to see what they chef up for Vol. 2 (whenever that may be). Wrapped up on this release we see tracks from Beshken, Morillo, Dailon, Gillepsy, Mosis, Grimecraft, G Jones, jOBOT, Seapoint, Bedrockk, GRiDWORK, Gladkill, and Sugarpill. If you have been keeping up with Foundations releases you might recognize a few of these faces from their team, while some might be entirely new to you. Everyone who had tracks selected for this release have their own unique style and that truly shines through as you wander through the compilation. From laid back downtempo beats to wild ethereal soundscapes they really have it all folks so enough from us. Wade on in to Paragon Collective: Vol. 1 and make sure to grab yourself a copy if you want to add each of these dazzling tracks to your library.

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