Over the past few months of digging through SoundCloud one thing seems to shine through more and more. That one thing being New Zealand never fails to churn out the most appealing underground producers we come across. Just recently we stumbled across a new collective of producers that are bringing a whole slew of styles to the table. All-My-Friends is a fresh idea birthed between a handful of talented producers from New Zealand and we can already tell they are about to make some serious waves once their sound finds its way into the right ears. Before we go any further let us first explain the basis of each on of these compilations, on each release the rules are simple. There is one featured artist/sound selector and they chose one sample that each of the other producers meld into their own work of art. Though it’s similar to what the guys over at Team Supreme have been doing, it’s great to see a fresh crew of producers taking a crack at a very expansive method of production. Today we have their second compiled release ‘AMF002’ which features a little bit of everything from jersey club to laid back R&B vibes. This second edition of their series is headed by Eastern Bloc whose Stars remix kicks everything off; following we see appearances from Hiro, Masenco, Tobiasonline, C. Rei, Kaptain Kazpar, George Jetson, Hustle Profits, Stawza, SGM, and Jay Knight. As you wade through this release be sure to check out each individual producer if you happen to like the vibe they are laying down on their contribution and continue to check back as All-My-Friends keeps churning out new editions of this series.


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