Let’s face it, October has been a great month for new music releases. This one comes from one of our favorite collectives here at The Dankles: Flow-Fi. Featuring banger after banger, gem after gem- let this breathtaking compilation take you on a bass filled journey. The compilation features many Flow-Fi talents such as Fortune(co-founder), aywy(co-founder), EphRem, Sh?m, P A T H, Maximus MMC, Andrea, GEOTHEORY, Chris McClenney(formerly misterMack), kuma, RVDICAL THE KID, eu-IV, AVAY, Grey Killer, subdaio, & Diversa. ‘Adderall’ a track featured on the compilation by aywy & EphRem is one of the most massive tracks I have heard in a long time. Bringing chills up and down my spine, something of this magnitude is not to be ignored. My mind thinks Hudmo & Mr. Carmack right away although I hate to compare artists with a passion. Do yourself a favor and go scoop this genus compilation below.


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