That’s right, Proper Motion decided to take on the feat of remixing Led Zeppelin. Even if you’re not familiar with the local Colorado production duo that is Proper Motion you are still probably thinking the same thing, I hope they did ‘All of My Love’ some justice! Before you let your mind wander any further dive in to this newly released edit because we are sure you will soon have a huge smile painted across your face. Proper Motion does a wonderful job weaving their own style in and out of the original melodies from ‘All of My Love’ to meld it in to their own funky soundscape. You can’t grab yourself a download but you can definitely continue to rinse the edit repeatedly over on Proper Motions SoundCloud or keep your eyes out for their names on a live bill with hopes of hearing them drop this gem live (like next month when they open for Bass Physics at the Bluebird!). It’s great to see Proper Motion take on the massive task of remixing such an epic song because it truly shows us how comfortable they are becoming with their own unique style. If this is the first time you are hearing about this talented production duo we suggest wandering over to their SoundCloud and digging through the rest of their catalogue because there is some serious gold in there!


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