Looking for something to help you pump a little life into the weekend a bit early today? This new Drake flip from WYLN is definitely the ticket. WYLN takes the original ‘How About Now’ and converts it into his own thumping house track that is sure to get the blood flowing. The downtempo vibes of the original remain present throughout the entire flip but he swaps the backing production with his own sexy bass fueled beat that will definitely have many of you grooving around the house. If this is the first time WYLN is making his way through your eardrums it’s about time you leant him an ear or two. WYLN has been churning out quality flips and mixes for the better part of a year all whilst gaining some great recognition on the web. We can see this talented producer on the rise really taking his sound to some extraordinary levels as he continues to pursue his sound. Oh and just incase you were really feeling what WYLN is laying down we thought it might be nice to slide in a few extra edits of his below!

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