We are sure some of you had a long week and you’re truly looking forward to the weekend. To help you bide your time a little bit longer we thought it would be a great idea to deliver to you the latest release from the team over at Italdred. If you have been keeping up with things over here at The Dankles you should probably recognize these guys by now. They are a talented label based in London that have been churning out nothing but the dreamiest hip hop laced beats. This new split release from A Sol Mechanic (LA) and Handbook (UK) is no different. Both of these talented producers had been on each others radar for quite some time but it was all thanks to Italdred that they teamed up to bring us ‘Mindfulness’. This five track split EP dishes out two originals from both Handbook and A Sol Mechanic along with one joint track that is equally as likely to sweep you off your feet. Both producers weave a quick web of soft silky beats that are sure to leave you in a daze as you drift through your Friday obligations. ‘Mindfulness’ is now streaming on Italdred’s Bandcamp so be sure to follow the link below to grab yourself a copy, some of you may even be interested in grabbing one of the very limited run of 20 cassettes Italdred churned out for the release.

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