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In today’s music scene, DJs strive to fill stadiums and headline festivals, orchestrate the most spectacular light shows and visual effects. Caspa has a different idea: sometimes less is more. The dubstep legend is ready to set off on a North American tour to celebrate his forthcoming three-part 500 release (check out Episode One!). The tour will bring dubstep’s underground London roots to small venues in 27 cities across the continent (check out the dates here!). We asked Caspa some questions to find out what 500 is all about. Crank up the free mixtape and read on – you’re about to learn all about it.

First of all, tell us a little more about the 500 project. How does it compare to your previous releases? What inspired you to release it in episodes, rather than EP’s or just one massive album?

I feel that everything is so throwaway today, nothing has much shelf life, we have a “Next, Next” mentality now. By releasing the album in episodes it gives people the chance the hear it and gives the overall vision of the album time to sink in a bit, rather than just one piece of work put out at one time. I personally feel like this is my best album out of the three I’ve released and feel like my music has a stronger meaning than ever.


You say that 500 is your opportunity to be “completely selfish”. Tell us more about that – what does that sound like?

Just something that doesn’t compromise. I was able to get in the studio with no pressures or reason; it was completely because I just wanted to write good music. No one’s making tunes like I’m making right now in Dubstep and I think that’s what’s important, because that’s what it needs.


We’re very excited to see you in North America! How does your upcoming 500 tour complement the release? You say you want to encompass dubstep’s original London roots. Tell us a little more about that, what does that look/feel like for us Americans? Is there anything that’s likely to surprise us?

500 is about playing in basements and small clubs, coz that’s how the scene started. So 500 was a statement of what it’s about and what it sounds like, it’s me playing in 500 capacity rooms, with my own sound system and music that fits that vibe. It’s not about the hype or the glitz and glamour, it’s just about good vibes and good music with real fans.


What’s your favorite part about touring in North America? What are you most excited for?

I’m looking forward to playing a lot of cities that I’ve never played before and because North America is so big, there always seems to be a city that I don’t get to, so it will be great to cross some off of the list and catch a vibe.


Is the culture surrounding dubstep/electronic music in general different in Europe than it is in the US?

No It’s very similar, with the internet things seems to be a lot more even when you travel to different countries, it’s not just a London thing anymore – it’s a worldwide thing.


What are the biggest changes you’ve seen (for better or for worse) in the dubstep/bass scene since you started? How have these changes affected your music, if at all?

Like any scene there’s always a lot of highs and lows but you can’t focus on either too much, you’ve always got to remind yourself why you make this music and what the vision was when you first started. That’s all I think about, and all I really care about, in good or bad times.


Do you have any non-musical inspirations for your music? What are they?

You can get inspired by anything – going down the shop and buying a loaf of bread to playing Bingo on a Friday night with the grannies! I think life’s inspiring in general, I think it’s good to take bits and pieces from it and use that within your music.


What about musical inspirations? What have you been listening to lately?

Some old school hip hop like Mobb Deep and the old Death Row Records stuff through to PARTYNEXTDOOR. I listen to a bit of everything really.


What is the number one thing we should know about dubstep, 500, or your tour?

If you ain’t a part of it you’re gonna miss out, simple!

Don’t miss out – check out the tour video, and stay updated on the 500 project!


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