I decided today we would just keep on the downtempo tip and keep bringing you new material from the latest and brightest producers. Here we have the newest release from Atlanta, Georgia’s Dexter Brandon. ‘R E B I R T H’ is a well orchestrated auditory journey that is sure to carry you away. Brandon infuses ambient beats with rolling basslines and starry synths to concoct a deep atmospheric ether for you all to get lost in. Throughout each of the nine tracks we see get to see different elements of his production truly shine through. While listening to this last night when it first cropped up on our feed I was taken aback by what I found inside. Brandon does a great job of infusing downtempo vibes with uplifting bass fueled energy at points to really make this a very well rounded release from start to finish. If this is the first time you’re hearing the sounds of Dexter Brandon be sure to make note of it because this talented producer on the rise is sure to be going places. That’s enough from us for now; it’s time for you to kick on back, close your eyes, and let Dexter Brandon carry you off into the stars.


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